Footage by Felipe Medina

Homeless – A True Reality


Paranormal – Experimental Video

Modern Slavery – Documentary

The Trip – Mashup Video

Survived – Trailer

Borders – Trailer

Bloodline – Trailer

Encounter – Trailer

A Conversation at a Rave – Documentary

The Illuminati & I – Trailer

True life – I’m Addicted to Drugs – Trailer

A conversation at a Rave – Trailer

Modern Slavery -Trailer

Define Success – Experimental Film

Video Journalism & Experimental Film

True Life – I’m Addicted to Drugs

Mash Up Video – Live Filmmaking

Madonna’s Rebel heart World Tour 2015


EMA’S 2014


The Truth About Michael Jackson’s Death


Madonna – The Untold Story

Billboard Music Awards 2013

Madonna’s MDNA World Tour 2012

Madonna’s Super-Bowl Halftime Show 2012

Montreal’s Pride 2012

Canada Day 2012! Mega-Fireworks

Montreal’s Winter Blizzard 2012

Paul Van Dyk at the Telus Theatre 2011

Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite World Tour 2011

Janet Jackson’s Up Close and Personal World Tour 2011

Montreal’s Student Strike

All Footage Produced & Edited by Felipe Medina.

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