by all means, anyone from the rave culture back in the late 90’s or the new wave of ravers now days can say that Paul Oakenfold, also know and refer to as the Father of Progressive Trance Music played and a had a huge impact when it came to opening doors for all the mainstream DJ’S that we hear today all over the globe.

Paul Oakenfold

From the origins of the well know record and smash hit sensation “Tranceport” to his live rave shows, this man has it all. it is so hard to describe how a sense of euphoria will go over my body and mind evry time I listened to Tranceport. My favorite tracks were “Grece 2000” and “Rendez-vous”

Hi unified his style with his own way of spinning the turntables. Paul Oakenfold was one of the first well lnown trance DJ’S that emerged in the late 90’s. He was before DJ Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and David Guetta.

Paul Oakenfold – Spinning live

Oakenfodl has toured the wprld many ,many times. From underground raves to state of the art dance venues, he has done it all.

Written by Felipe Medina @

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