Mind Control Substances & Film

On week six we watched several clips that showed how people were using mind altering substances back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Drugs like LSD were perfectly normal and acceptable within the new wave of hippies. I was very intrigued by the clips of “The Acid Trip and Light Sows,” since it explored mind expansion in a different way. I mean, people went into a location and took LSD, after 20-45 minutes they started to feel the effects and entered into what is known as “The Acid Trip” and it was all recorded on video. The irony is that it shows how they reacted and interacted with each other while under the influence of LSD, it shows people dressing up like animals, having sex, but there is no music involved. I guess being high on LSD and having no music involved was back then a new challenge for mind expansion.

Acid Trip / Hippie Banner

This shows a different approach to Expanded Cinema. I completely agree that psychedelic drugs can and will help you expand the mind, only if you know how to use them and when to use them. What was interesting about theses video clips and how I can relate them to our modern world is that now days we have what is called the rave-scene, I also like to call them the “Brave New World.” It sets them apart from the so called 70’s acid hits to “The New Millennium Rollers.”

The Next Level!
The Next Level!

Now days, modern dance clubs in Montreal like “Stereo” and “Circus” serve as venues were people go and interact with others under the influence of psychedelics, for the most part is pure MDMA, which is the pure chemical to the one and so popular Ecstasy tablets that emerged back in the late 90’s. True, people dance to Progressive Trance music, Techno and Rave sounds, all night long until sunrise, but some of them use it to reach a level of open consciousness that sets them above and apart from anyone else in the club, the city, the country and the world. Reaching this level may help them achieve certain goals or dreams in life.

I know this sounds vague, but it’s hard to explain it, if you have never gone to that level. “The Next Level,” takes place when you least expect it, and is normally when you realize the truth we live in and your mind takes control of the material world for a couple of hours and you encounter epiphanies and revelations. Let’s face it, life and the world we are in today is like a movie or a game, that we just need to know and learn how to play. Use your mind wisely or expand it in order to find out what is really out there and how to climb to the top of the pyramid.

A Higher Mind – Felipe Medina

On the reading “My Mind Split Open: Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable,” I can see this mater of the underground art. Andy Warhol created a movement that influenced artists and came up with a new mind set and trends for the years to come. Similar to when people expanded their mind by the use of psychedelics. This reading fascinated me since it shows how Andy opened other people’s minds with his work. His idea of intermedia art form was so unique and stated a challenging question that was embed in my mind after I went over the reading several times. Are we controlling and creating this type of art, or is the art controlling us? That is one question that raises several answers in modern society.

By the use of art we are creating and expressing ourselves to the world. We are becoming leaders and innovators and taking control of the planet we live in, we are exploring and expanding ideas and letting others know who we really are as
filmmakers, underground artists, musicians and performers.

Written by Felipe Medina for The Expanded Cinema Course at Concordia University in Montreal.


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