Cinema in Japan

The feature we watched during class four, opened my eyes to the world of the underground punk and gangs in japan. I am used to watching films that have a similar content but they are all american film for the most part. I really enjoyed the plot of the film since it showed step by step how gangs work and their daily activities in Japan. I find underground and independent films always bring something new to the table and help you explore different aspects of a scene that is taking place somewhere in the world but we are just oblivious to it.

Underground Movie theatre in Japan

I found the content was perfect for the world we live in, very abstract and junkie for the most part. I also enjoyed the first shot film we watched that reveals how someone can expand their side of the so called “reptilian brain” that we all have within ourselves, but we just have not taking it to that level of consciousness. It reminded me of how we perceive life as humans without knowing the truth we live in, if I compare the short film to blockbuster films like “The Matrix” or “Contact”. these films show and prepared us for what was coming, I could call it the “New World Order” or simple the “Illuminati.” It does not really matter at this point since I already know the truth. The Next Level is out there and I have gone there several times.

In the reading “The Concert Films of Sogo Ishii,” I was able to discover how this brilliant mind of the punk movement initiated and took control of the scene, by reinventing it over an over agin, it presented how dominant an precise a human being can be in order to stay on top and achieve the desire goals. That is how I ran my life as well, minus the gang issue, of course.

It may sound weird that I am opening about it, but is a reality we live in. Might as well be open about it to the people who also share and know the same ideas of the world we live in. We live in a movie, and we just need to know how to act while we are playing our roles.

Written by Felipe Medina for the Expanded Cinema course at Concordia University in Montreal.


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