Expanded Cinema - Journal 3
Expanded Cinema – Journal 3

Abstract Art

I absolutely loved the abstract art that came from the artist on the documentary “Breaking the Frame.”

Marielle Nitoslawska knew what people wanted, her ideas and creativity was outside the box and that is exactly what made her so different. She engaged in art that I did not think it could be done, by using photos, nature, plastics and other materials, she was able to come up with great “masterpieces.”

I was blown away to see her amazing ability to achieve different forms of art through different mediums. Using the female body in order to create art was perhaps the most impressive scene in the documentary to my personal opinion. It was so pure and open that it felt fresh and new at the same time. It really inspired me to continue creating my own art through videos and the different platforms I use, like Illustrator and Flash.

Obviously her way of thinking was so unique and her artwork seemed complex but you actually see it in progress, it makes you realize that is not a piece of art that comes from an expensive material, rather is very simple and not expensive and it translates to magic, if you ask me.
I was fascinated by the photo montage of the twin towers during that tragic day of September 11th in 2001, “how can I forget.” Even though you can see the people jumping off the building, it gave me a sense of euphoria and sadness just by looking at it.
Her mix of art showing all the issues in third world countries also made me think that art can take place anytime, anywhere; is just the way we perceive it and embrace it.

In the reading “Brakhage’s Silent Legacy for Sound Cinema” we can see the interpretation and influence of the artist Stan Brakhage by doing creative visual music. This type of music is the kind you can hear when you see and see when you hear, I was oblivious to this but once I read the article I actually realized so much. We as a human race are blind to many factors in life and we do not even use ten per cent of the brain, if we did a whole new world will open up in front ou our eyes. I am just going to leave it like that.

Written by Felipe Medina for the Expanded Cinema Course at Concordia University in Montreal.



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