Open up your Mind…

The film we watched in class for the second week, it definitely opened up my eyes to a whole new world of cinema that is totally underground and many people don’t really know about it. The idea of having an open mind and thinking in a different ways and viewing things from a different perspective is the best way to live.

The film “Holy Mountain” explored the director’s views in politics, mind control, economy, religion, ruling the world, drugs, sex, homosexuality and much more in a world that I still don’t know if it was remote or the world we currently live in.

Expanded Cinema - Journal 2
Expanded Cinema – Journal 2

I will say the use of psychedelics without a doubt will and can open a human mind, obviously the use has to be measured and not abused. Drugs like LSD and MDMA can alter the mind to a higher level, increase the serotonin and make you realize a reality that is in front of you but we just don’t see it under normal circumstances.

The reason why I say this is because this is the impression and idea I got from the film, which relates to a similar life I have had. Having an open mind and going against the establishment is not a bad thing. It makes you different than others since we don’t follow the pattern that the standard society does.

As a major film study student, it makes me appreciate cinema at it’s best but also makes me discover the potential underground filmmakers like Alejandro Jodorowsky and their contribution to the world of cinema. The world needS more people like him, without a doubt.

Written by Felipe Medina for the Expanded Cinema Course at Concordia University in Montreal.




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