What a way to Expand your thoughts in Film!

On the short film we watched the first day of class titled “Stunned Man, ” I was able to relate myself to the character since I think that is how most of us live our lives, in straight chaos, faster than a speed of light, everything around us goes and moves so fast that we do not even realize that we are alive, until we actually become aware of the fact that we are our own gods.

Expanded Cinema – Journal 1

The film shows a character who walks into his apartment and is getting ready to do a series of tasks that even “me” or others do on a regular basis, like wash the dishes, read, take a shower, eat, etc. What attracted me the most about this mind-blowing short film was the dual version side by side of each other, showing the character performing his actions either behind one another one or one step ahead.

My mind was working on both sides of the screens trying to absorb as much when it came to his actions and all the details that were taking place inside the apartment. At one point he starts destroying the walls and then fixing things up. I mean, this just shows how sometimes humans we just act like animals and behave like normals at the sane time.

I have never seen a film that showed the dual capture of the movie in two different shots showing the character and his irrational behavior.

To point out the first reading of the book:

“THE AUDIENCE AND THE MYTH OF ENTERTAINMENT, ” I completely agree with the author’s point of view, I am aware that most people in the planet are not awake to a reality that is manifesting in from of their eyes. I manage a website on my time off and I felt for many years that my goal in life is to wake people up. I do this though my designs and posts on the blog. i entertain people in the world wide web while I also create an impact on a subject that may be a touchy one or that people refuse to discuss.

Written by Felipe Medina for the Expanded Cinema course at Concordia University in Montreal.


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