All I can say is: “WOW.”  What an amazing night I had on Saturday, August 16th at Stereo After-hours under the beat of DJ Mark Anthony.

You know it was my first time back in three long years. I used to go there almost every weekend after a long night of partying with friends in the clubs in downtown Montreal. Everyone in the city knows Stereo somehow, they either heard about it or have attended it. The reason why I stopped going, well as you all know by now I was away from the club scene for a while due to school, managing the website and my freelancing.

Stereo After-hours
Stereo After-hours

I was very surprised to see a bunch of old friends from back in the day who are still attending this massive rave and of course new people I was introduced too as well. Without a doubt the scene has changed a lot, I mean the crowd is still mixed and that is the main reason why people love Stereo so much. (wouldn’t you agree ?)

DJ Mark Anthony was great, he knew exactly what the crowd wanted and kept us going until Sunday around 10 am, spinning mad house and dance music. True, the rave scene at Stereo has changed a lot since the last time I went.

(That was back in 2012 for DJ Sasha) When I say “changed,” I mean there is a lot of new young kids on “Molly” (Previously known as Ecstasy back in the late 90’s) pretending to rave, but honestly they don’t have clue what they are doing, it’s like they are either to fucked up on “MDMA” to actually function and dance or they have no idea how to move their body to the beat of the music. There is a less connection within the community, it’s about the rave scene and being open to many factors and I found some people were in a different context. (Sorry, I had to say that)

Getting ready to Rave at Stereo
Getting ready to Rave at Stereo

Hours away from the great night @ Stereo.

As you can see I am on a groovy vibe and ready to dance all night!

Before Stereo we actually walked into Unity, they also had plenty of good dance music and great local DJ’S.

Once again the scene was completely different, but that is how it is with the club scene, it changes every year and imagine I was away for three years so it was a complete shocker.

I also want to take the time to thank all the people that came up to me that night to say “hi” and started a simple conversation, man I met people from Toronto, Vancouver and overseas and obviously I can’t forget the people who cranked up their perfect moves while we were all raving on the dance floor. Once again thank you for the amazing vibes you all had all night long!

The Next Level!
The Next Level!

For those of you who are reading this post and do not know what Stereo is all about, here is a bit of history:

“Stereo was established in 1998 and is situated in the heart of Montreal, actually located in the Gay Village. It’s purpose is pure dance floor ecstasy. Aural pleasure is what Stereo is all about. The music; Not the commercial radio stuff but the real underground, forward thinking genres. Their goal has always been to throw the best parties through carefully chosen artists, the best in visual presentations and lighting, in a room that creates such a thick energy you can almost cut through it with a knife. This is Stereo.”

8 A.M and still Rolling!
8 A.M and still Rolling!

I’m so hooked on it right now, that I can’t wait to go back, I will be hitting the dance floor once again on September 5th for Danny Tenaglia.

I’m sure I’m gonna have a blast once again. I already bought my ticket and I’m ready to get back on the floor and improve my moves.

I am positive I will see a lot of people I met last time and many new ones. It happens every time I go to a Rave. That “It” factor no one can deny is there somehow.

This event will be an eye opener for the new rave scene that is emerging in Montreal all over again.

I have to say the security was tougher than ever, they threw away my pack of gum and searched my wallet like I was an actual Colombian carrying drugs over the border. The girl was “nuts” she made me empty all my pockets and was touching me all over the place, I actually felt violated… lol.. not really. I know it’s part of her job, but come on it’s a Rave what do you expect?

On that note, I hope to see you guys there soon!

Raving and Rolling,


Great Vibe - Stereo After-hours
Great Vibe – Stereo After-hoursPS:


“I have a feeling the upcoming event @ Stereo will have a huge and meaningful impact in my life! I can just feel it now, it’s like destiny brought me to it out of the blue and I have waited three years to stand face to face to what I like to call: “C@@@H.” 


Blog you soon, Felsiters! Take care

by Felipe Medina @

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