Without a doubt, the Academy of Arts and Science in Los Angeles, also known and refer to as the “Oscars” have always had a fascination and huge intrigue towards gay cinema.

Neil Patrick Harris Hosted the Academy Awards in 2015
Neil Patrick Harris Hosted the Academy Awards in 2015

I mean let’s face it, not only they award gay movies but they also nominate and give the prestigious statue to roles that involved gay characters. Examples of previous nominated films and winners are: “Boys Don’t Cry”, Dallas Buyer’s Club”, “TransAmerica”, “The Kids are All Right”, “Milk”, “Brokeback Mountain” and many more.
(I am not saying the actors who played these characters are gay in real life, although it s Hollywood after all and everything goes down)

That been said, if we go back and take a look at the people who already hosted the Academy Awards, well we have daytime Gay Icon and T.V star Ellen Degeneres, who hosted the Awards in 2014 and was hilarious, I mean she literally killed the show. I had so much fun watching her, I laughed out loud several times. On the other hand for the 2015 Academy Awards we had the pleasure to see, Neil Patrick Harris hosting the show. True he was not as good as Ellen, but he did the job.

Sean Penn wins Best Actor for “Milk”

Everyone that loves film, the way I do, will be open too see and think critically about these type of films. Homophobia is still out there in third world countries and even in first world countries like Canada and the United States, but when we go to the movies we enter the filmmakers mind and imagination and we are transported into a differnet world. I am sure there is plenty of people who may feel upset and may disapprove gay cinema. I can only say that, well people need to become more open minded now days. 

(I mean, it is the 21st century, for god sakes)

Hillary Swank wins Best Actress for “Boys Don’t Cry”

Are you surprised? You honestly should not be. I think and know for sure that gay cinema has come to a point in culture that tells us, this is no longer a tabu; even though it is a touchy subject for half of the population worldwide. I am the first to say and I quote : “I Love Gay Movies”… hahahahaha… I really do.

Jared Leto wins Best Supporting Actor for “Dallas Buyer’s Club”

The explosion of Gay cinema definately took place back in the early 90’s, but of course we have encounter gay films before this decade. Gay films were recognized as much as now by the Academy back then. I wonder why?, when half of the members of the Academy are just plain G’s.

by Felipe M. @

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