For many months we have all seen how Legendary athlete and media celebrity, Bruce Jenner from the reality hit T.V show “Keeping up with the Kardashians, has changed completely and now calls himself a woman.

Ironically, Jenner says he is not a homosexual, and is still attracted to women.
(Hard to believe, if you ask me)

Bruce Jenner's Transformation
Bruce Jenner’s Transformation

True, Transgender’s happen to believe they are born in the wrong body, therefore they feel like outsiders in the world and are not happy with themselves; which takes them to the point in which they must transition in order to become who they were born to be. We have seen many of this cases all over the planet, including cases among celebrities. Take Pop star sensation, Cher’s daughter Chastity for example, now a full man, called Chaz Bono.

I think that if someone has the need to transition because they know they are a Transgender, they should not be judged and should go for it. F**k what the world thinks, right? Imagine the pressure, Bruce must feel knowing who he was, being a celebrity and the stepfather of the Kardashians.

(Must be tough)

Bottom line, Bruce told Diane Sawyer on an interview the shocking truth of his secret life, the struggle to keep it all together and how, now at 65 years old, he is proud to announce he is transitioning to become a woman.
The world will be waiting to meet “her.”

Watch Bruce Jenner’s interview below

by Felipe M. @

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