One of the reasons why I love to watch music videos is because the art of the performer will be created in that video. It is amazing to create and deliver art to the public, that way.

When I go back in time, I do remember I grew up with the music channel, MTV. yeah, the one and only MTV.

MTV - Music Television
MTV – Music Television

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, yup!, those were the days… good old episodes of the real world, Singled out and TRL… if you have no idea what I am referring to, that was the content featured back in the 90’s on MTV.. Not even, very early 90s. At the same time and even before, amazing music videos were broadcasted through the station from the dawn of 1983, when MTV was born as a Music Station.

So, it is my pleasure to announce my own countdown of the 10 most shocking Music Videos of all time, Felsite style!!!


George Michael – Outside


Lady Gaga – Born This Way


Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 You


Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People


Michael Jackson – Thriller


Madonna – Like a Prayer


TLC – Waterfalls


Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall


Madonna – Justify My Love


Madonna – Erotica – Uncensored Version

Enjoy the sex book, like you have never seen it before

Any emotions running through your mind? I bet you do have plenty?
Feelings of euphoria, you may be scared or just saying out loud the so famous wtf!!!

I do know exactly what you are thinking. I mean, when these videos came out,
(some of them in the late 80’s) well, let’s face it… they pretty much shocked the world and some of the were banned from t.v.
(Mainly in madonna’s case)

At the same time they opened and touch tabu-subjects that modern America and the world was perhaps not ready to open up. The artists featured in the videos pushed the envelope to creative music while still confronting serious matters the world was facing and is still facing now days.

your opinion and feedback is really up to you!

Feel free to key in your thoughts and opinions, it does not matter if they are offensive or more of an eye opener. It’s all good!

blog you next time…


Felipe M. @

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