Feeling bored?

Want to come up with a new idea, that is creative, trendy and straight to the point?

Grab a pencil, a notepad or just your Sketchpad and just start sketching your ideas in a life hand drawing. Yup, this is what I normally do as a Graphic and Character Animator and Designer.

Being creative is perhaps one of the best qualities I have in me. I love creating and coming up with new Characters that will become a part of an animated story or that will simply get published on my website; as most of you guys have already seen.

Is not always easy to clear your mind and start drawing. This must come from within yourself. When brainstorming for ideas that will be translated as a sketch or a professional illustration, you must be precise in what you want to deliver to your audience. (I should know better)

Why do I say this?

Simply because whatever you are thinking and is trying to come out on hand, has to be from your own thoughts and imagination. Imagine you deliver a successful sketch or cartoon that will later become one of the most watched Film or T.V animated shows ever. Cool? No?

Who came up with that idea? Yes, Is what you my friend.

I am referring to all the Film Animators or aspiring ones out there. The time will come. ’cause ever tying that is meant to happen in life will happen no matter what. (We have the control of success)

When I start sketching on my tablet; which let me tell you right now I use the “Wacom Bamboo”, which is a small tablet strictly for sketching purposes, nothing fancy. Just a quick and sometimes messy sketch.

That is the idea of a “Sketch.” It doe snot have to look nice, neat or clean. A sketch is a very fast drawing that shows your ideas on a pad. These ideas will be translated and the sketch will become an actual illustration once it is ready to be completed for the actual work that will be a part of.
(Do you get me?)

Squirtz - Digital Sketch Illustrated by Felipe M.
Squirtz – Digital Sketch Illustrated by Felipe M.

That is exactly what a Sketch in my world is and looks like.
Sure, I added some color to have a clear idea of how I want the cartoon to look like at the end of the day.
I know is not perfect drawing or Illustration, but once again… I am only sketching.
Aha, now you get me, right?

What happens after…

Well, depending on the intention of the Character, you can start illustrating it using a better tablet, the ultimate in graphic tablet technology , and most likely the best one on the market,  “The Wacom Cintig 21UX,” with the Cintiq you work directly on the screen, therefore it allows you to take advantage of your natural hand and eye coordination, since you are looking directly where you are working. (Now that is a piece of work)

The Cintiq works pretty much with any software that you use to create your drawing. Yes, it is compatible wit Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator. Wow, I was in love with it.

Felsite G. Art - Digital Sketch by Felipe M.
Felsite G. Art – Digital Sketch by Felipe M.

Just wanted to share some thoughts with you guys regarding my work and more things to come!

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By Felipe M. Founder of Felsite @

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