Black & Blue 2014 - Flyer Designed by Felipe M.
Black & Blue 2014 – Flyer Designed by Felipe M.

To all of you Techno, Dance, Trance and Rave lovers.. Did you guys have fun during the The Black & Blue Festival?

I am sure you did. Was not that just spellbinding. I have to say for sure the Black & Blue is only getting better every year. The DJ’S they bring in order to captivate audiences with their amazing music and outstanding visual effects are just:

“A State of the Art”

When I say “State of the Art” I mean, the organizers of the event completely transformed the venue into a futuristic environment, I know ravers felt like they were actually making “Contact” while interacting and playing with are little green friends from out of space.

(You know what I am talking about)

The 24th edition of the Black & Blue Festival took place from October 8th to 14th in Montreal.

The main event was held at The Montreal Convention Center a.k.a Palais des congrès de Montréal; on Sunday, October 12th in that huge room I previously stated which was transformed into a retro-futuristic environment.
(Wow, just Fantastic)

Tickets went from $80 dollars which rolled out for sale back in June for regular and up to $120 dollars for the VIP class of the city. LOL…

As you guys already know the Black & Blue festival is an entire weekend which is dedicated to self-expression and brings Ravers and Dancers from all over the world.

During the festival people are able to express Love, Art, Music, New Dance Techniques, Film and much more with each other. Starting from 10 p.m. and going into the early hours of Thanksgiving day on  Monday the top DJs from across the world will be spinning MAD Techno and Rave music.

The featured DJ’S list is the following:

Pascal B (Montréal),

Philip White (Montréal),

Stephan Grondin (Montréal),

Bent Collective (Danny Verde from Italy and Steven Redant from Spain),

Pagano (UK/Italy),

Tom Stephan (UK/USA) and

COYU (Spain).

As usual other parties and after parties took place in the Village of Montreal in clubs and pubs like SKY, Apollon and Cabaret Mado,

It was truly an unique event. See you guys next year for the 25th Edition!

By Felipe M.

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