Embrace yourself for the epic movie of the year!

Academy award winners: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins take a journey on this epic and altered biblical version of the so called Noah’s Ark.

Noah is an increasingly extremist film that focuses too much on wiping out completely humankind from the face of the earth, “just what Catholics and other religious groups believed it happened centuries ago”.

In this role, Crowe and his changeable hair arrangements turned him into Noah; and yes, if you are still wondering who Noah was???
Well, you can always go buy or pick up a bible at your grandmother’s house and ask her for the information regarding Noah’s Ark. I am sure she will know.

As Naameh, Connelly shows everything in credible human emotion, while Crowe empowers and takes action on building the unsinkable wooden ark that will save them and the animals from the devastation and punishment coming from “GOD”.
(this is not meant to offend anyone)

The movie directed by Darren Aronofsky, who also directed the thriller “Black Swan”; is full of special effects, great costume designs and amazing cinematography, that will keep the viewer on a roller coaster ride wanting for more!

A Must See!!!

By Felipe M.

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